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Tai Chi Chuan means "Grand Ultimate Boxing" & refers to the Yin/Yang pair of opposites describing the flow of vital energy. Celebrated for its health benefits, Tai Chi Chuan promotes improved blood circulation, reduced stress, strengthened bones & connective tissue, improved balance & greater self awareness. The study of Tai Chi Chuan pursues body alignment, harmonious natural movement, serenity of mind & the balance of Yin & Yang. In doing so, the practitioner returns to the original state of balance known as Wu Ji.  

We offer Tai Chi Chuan classes to share the physical & mental benefits; cultivating adaptability & serenity are practical skills for hectic modern life. Our class emphasizes development of posture, breath, flexibility & self-awareness without strain.  It is a highly effective form of self defense for those interested in its origins as a martial art. 

Jon & Julie are licensed to teach Tai Chi fundamentals through Central Motion Movement Arts

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Julie Keselman teaches a regular Friday 4pm class for Tai Chi fundamentals & qi gong sequences, open to everyone.  Class is held under various trees in Central Houston or in a lovely private art studio in West University in event of inclement weather. Please reach out with questions or for the location! ⬇