Practiced worldwide since ancient times, cupping gained newfound prominence in the West during the 2016 Olympic games.

In cupping therapy, a vacuum is created inside a rounded cup placed upon the skin.  This suction pulls blood & lymph to the surface & stretches out the fascia underneath the skin.  In Traditional Chinese Medical terms, this suction moves stagnant energy and blood, opens the pores, & releases the sinews.  For patients, they feel a sense of relief from conditions as varied as sprains, common colds, & stress.  There is also significant research into the benefits of cupping as a treatment for cellulite

At Pyndus Acupuncture & Wellness we use sterilized, plastic cups which create a vacuum using a hand pump.  The procedure is safe, efficient, and affordable. We offer cupping as a $15 supplement to acupuncture and herbal treatments, or as a therapy on its own for $35 sessions (15 minutes).