Chinese herbal medicine is an age-old wisdom that makes use of organic plant, animal & mineral substances to promote safe & natural healing. 

At Pyndus Acupuncture & Wellness, we carry & prescribe the highest quality herbs. Chinese herbal medicine does involve some animal products but there are plant based alternatives. Please discuss any dietary restrictions with us!

Generally it is safe to take herbal medicines alongside pharmaceutical drugs, but we check each patient's pre-existing prescriptions to be certain. 

Herbal medicine consultations are available as a separate service for $35 per session plus the cost of herbal medicine.

20mL  $10  | please pre-order larger quantities

20mL $10 | please pre-order larger quantities

hit medicine

Meaning "trauma wine", dit da jow is an ancient topical liniment formulated by martial artists to treat bruises, sprains & strains. It can bring outstanding relief from pain & swelling by unblocking blood stagnation & is especially recommended for athletes. Martial artists can use it preventatively for bruising or muscle soreness or it can be applied after injuries to expedite healing.

Jon concocts his own recipe with a formula from Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu. It ferments for a minimum of 4 months before it is used.  Please pre-order large quantities; 30mL bottles are available in the office for $15.