Jonathan Pyndus LAc., Dipl. NCCAOM, LMT, graduated from the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine & is continuing study in the US & Japan. He was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine following a lumbar disc injury that resulted in years of intermittent pain. After exhausting many other options, he found relief & ultimately full recovery through acupuncture & Qigong practice, inspiring him to share this blessing with others.
—TX License AC01862   

Jonathan is also a licensed massage therapist.  His massage education at Avalon School of Massage (inclusive of Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, shiatsu & aromatherapy modalities) gave him a firm grounding in the musculoskeletal systems of the body. 
—TX License MT112722

A lifelong martial artist, Jonathan holds instructor ranks in Japanese, Korean, Indonesian & Chinese systems including Tai Chi Chuan.  

┈  Supreme Science Qigong Federation 
      L1 instructor: Qi Gong & Food Healing

┈  Tai Chi Chuan 
      Central Motion Movement Arts instructor  
┈  Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu instructor
┈  Taekwondo  4ᵀᴴ dan black belt
Jukaido Kempo Bujutsu 3rd dan black belt
┈  Kuntao Silat guru muda
┈  Judo 1st dan black belt

Jon is also a successful competitor, having earned gold medals in stick combat and push hands and silver in continuous sparring.

In his spare time he avidly enjoys practicing martial arts, spending time outdoors with Julie & collecting Godzilla toys.